Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Nose Too!

Is it not enough that my butt and stomach get huge and round?! Does my nose really have to join in? I don't get it...what does my nose have to do with my uterus? PLEASE TELL ME! How can I take cute pregnant pictures if my nose is going to distract from my supposed cute belly?!

My sister-in-law got married this weekend. She looked beautiful and aside from the toddlers running around spilling and crushing cheerios it went perfect. I also turned 28. Great, wonderful.

Isabela is taking pictures of the crushed cheerios she spilled and Ryan crushed.

John was having a great time. Can you tell?

My Birthday Party.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wait Up!

I had no idea that during my hibernation from the world I had completely fallen out of the loop. Somebody mentioned twitter last week and I didn't even know what it was and when I looked up my friends twitter page earlier tonight it took me 15 minutes to even figure it out....that's a lie, I looked it up on Wikipedia to help me figure it out. What has happened! Things are moving too fast, you can't take a breather or you get left in the dust.

I'm in the dust. Maybe I haven't lost my communication skills I've just not adapted to the new communication skills required to stay in contact with people. I had no idea.

This One is for Masha

Hello! Life is going well and really fast. I can't believe I haven't updated since Sept. of 2008! We are expecting a baby boy in early August (I think it will be July) and Isabela is growing like a weed. I seem to have lost my communication skills which is one of the lame reasons I haven't updated. I've also been dragging my feet because I'm lazy but as my sister's friend's fiance said, "GET WITH THE TIMES!"

I've been so melancholic and melodramatic that I'm afraid of what ridiculous thing I might write on here so I will leave a few pictures for those of you who have been wondering what Isabela looks like nowadays. Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh no!

Everything is dying this week. First to go was bubbles our fish. I'm pretty sure I killed him because he was fine before I changed the water in his bowl. When I saw him lying lifeless at the bottom of the bowl I starting saying, "Oh no!, Oh no!" Isabela spent the rest of the day saying, "Oh no!"...even after bubbles was flushed to rest. I felt so guilty about this fish dying but then I felt even worse when 30 minutes later I was kind of glad I didn't have to worry about cleaning his bowl anymore. Maybe I killed him subconsciously.

Last night our computer completely changed and I don't know where all my files went including a years worth of pictures. It appears that it didn't actually die but has taken everything for ransom and will not give it back until I pay a stupidly huge amount to the nerds who always have the last laugh.

Anyways, I know that nobody will believe me but I was going to upload pictures on my blog yesterday right before this all happened. I do have some good news. We are finally getting our own place! My parents have been so great in putting up with us for two years (I know! I can't believe it's been that long either) but now John can finally go back to his much loved routine of stripping down to his boxers right after work. My mom doesn't believe a man should walk around without a shirt on and would always offer one when John was missing his. To those of you who know John I think congrats are in order. So anyways, we are going to be residents of a very small but cozy condo in Springfield Virginia. CIAO!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blogger Envy

I have blogger envy. Everyone is sooooo good at blogging and keeping up with friends while raising their crazy toddlers and I just can't seem to take a shower let alone update my blog. Oh well, I'm sure everyone has stopped reading this thing (the two of you that did) but I'm going to try and stay connected somehow. We had a crazy summer going all over the place. Actually, Isabela and I have been traveling practically the whole year. We left the day John went to FLETC and just barely settled down after a week at the in-laws which is always nice and refreshing.

(Here is the honest truth. I hate blogging because my life just doesn't seem to compare. If I really want to be honest I hate reading everyone's blogs because I get enviouse of these lives that are so filled with spunk and humor. Not to mention that I don't want anyone looking at my pictures and saying, "Geez she's gotten fat." Or worse....nobody reads it at all. What is wrong with me? I have no idea. I'm crawling over this hurdle.)

Isabela is getting huge and so fun. Don't get me wrong, we have our off days but it really is exciting to see her learning. When we get all the Coffman kids together it is insane. Isabela screams at Ryan then Ryan screams at Isabela then Isabela smacks ryan and then Ryan really screams and smacks her back, etc. That all happens before breakfast. One morning I walked over to my sister-in-law's and Isabela walked in with her hand in the air ready to smack Ryan. I scolded NO! and she acted innocent and gave him a kiss instead. She's terrible.

Alright, I miss everyone and I hope you all haven't forgotten about me here in Virginia. I wish you would all move out here. Enjoy the pics.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Ten Weeks is almost Over!

We have been all over the place passing the time while we wait for John to get back. It was a lot of fun spending time with everyone. I'd write more but my child won't let me concentrate and if I wait I won't get stuff up. Love you all and hope everyone is doing well.
Isabela's impression of Nacho Libre!
Isabela with Alicia in Huntsville at Chris and Rosie's house.
Isabela helping Aunt Tiffany play the piano on Easter
Easter Morning and doesn't she look so cute!
Isabela with her adorable cousins in Winston-Salem

It's just Isabela and me for a while.

John's in Georgia at Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. He's been there for 5 weeks and has 5 more to go. Believe me I'm counting down the days. We did splurge and I went to visit him for a day. It was too short and honestly it's made me miss him even more. Anyways, I haven't updated in forever because we've just been going nuts and time management is not my forte.

Let's see, Isabela's turned 1 and is growing like a weed. She's all over the place. Her daddy is not going to recognize her when he gets back. She's saying a few words here and there, her favorites being baby and monkey. Bakabakabaka is also a favorite and I do believe she is saying good bye in that right Masha? Hahahahaha...I'm so funny. Let's see, Isabela and I spent two weeks in New York City with my sister Valerie. It was a little hard getting around with Ms. Isabela but we had a great time. The food is unbeatable. Next it's off to Huntsville, Alabama and then North Carolina to visit Isabela's cousins. We're trying to make the time pass faster until John gets back. I wish I had enough money to fly and visit all my friend I miss terribly. I hope everyone is doing well.
Lucky Girl got two Birthday parties, this was in Basye. We couldn't get her to smile or pay attention to the candles I guess. I don't know what she's looking at.
This was at the party in Fairfax. She was a complete mess.
Morning after a long night of partying in New York. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
Is that not the cutes picture. Isabela and Travis had a lot of fun sharing her Dora chair.
A one year old's world.